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How do I start?

So I am interested in horse racing but how do I get involved ?

Basically there are two ways. 


 A syndicate where a group of people buy a horse between them and share the cost.   A cheaper way of owning a horse and can prove a great social event with people sharing a common interest.  Just let us know this is what you want and we will find a suitable  syndicate for you.  

Sole ownership.   The horse is all yours!  

Horse?   Seems rather obvious but how do you get one, and a good one at that?

Easy.  Tell us what your budget is and Tony, after a chat with you,  will have an idea of what you want, flat or Jumper etc.  Your budget etc.    Then will find you one to meet your needs.  If your in a syndicate the horse is normally already there and you have a share in it. 

Still not sure?  Why not give us a ring and come and visit us at the yard?  No pressure, you will have your questions answered.   Come and meet these lovely creatures up close.  Gentle giants.  Watch the power of them thundering up the gallops.  As I said no pressure selling, you will not have to try and fit a horse in your boot for the trip home, honest!

Tony has a way of making all visitors feel at ease if nothing else you have an interesting morning or afternoon.  Don't forget the chopped carrots, for the horses not Tony. 

Give the yard a call ..........   01386 861020.    Horse ownership would make a lovely gift for someone too.   Its only a phone call away.........

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